Mazda shifts Thai SUV production to Japan as baht soars

December 22, 2019
TOKYO -- Mazda Motor will review its production footprint in Thailand, Southeast Asia's top automotive hub, and move the assembly of some models to Japan, as the automaker combats the continued appreciation of the baht against key currencies.

Southeast Asia's trans-regional corridor takes shape

December 2, 2019
YANGON -- The opening of a new bridge between Thailand and Myanmar has pushed Southeast Asia one step closer to the realization of an East-West Economic Corridor, connecting the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean.

Toyota to roll out first plug-in hybrid car in China

April 19, 2018
NAGOYA, Japan -- Toyota Motor will unveil its first plug-in hybrid Corolla sedan and Levin compact car in China at the Beijing motor show, which opens April 25 in Beijing.

Foreign electric cars favored in China but shakeout looms

March 20, 2018
The gold rush triggered by the Chinese government's embrace of electric cars will lead to an industry shakeout that could see many of the market's current leaders left behind.

January new-car sales climb 9% in key Southeast Asian markets

March 6, 2018
New-car sales in six major Southeast Asian nations increased 9% on the year to 274,679 units in January, with the two largest markets of Indonesia and Thailand logging double-digit growth.

Japanese headlight maker invests in China's expanding car market

Febuary 14, 2018
The Japanese government will relax restrictions that hamper many gas stations from adding electric vehicle charging terminals, aiming to revitalize the distribution network and promote the spread of cars running on alternate fuels.
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