Electric Motorcycle Number 5


by Mr.Threepol Boonyamarn
Testing, R&D Center, Thailand Automotive Institute
from Automotive Navigatior Magazine issue Apr-Jun, 2020

Nowadays, buying electrical appliances, the electricity saving label no.5 has helped consumers to decide on choosing products that have high efficiency in electricity usage, in other words, saving electricity bills each month while still meeting demand to make use of those products.  There are variety of products with the electricity saving label no.5, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, kettles, and expanding to clothing and food products.  The electric motorcycle is the latest product that has electricity saving label no.5. Electric motorcycle is divided into categories as follows;

- L1e-A (Power Cycle): It is a type of electric motorcycle that has a spinning ladder attached to a driving gear, speed up to 25 kilometers per hour and motor power not over 1 kW.

- L1e-B (Two-wheel Moped): A type of electric motorcycle that has speed up to 45 kilometers per hour and motor power not over 4 kW.

- L3e (Two-wheel motorcycle): An electric motorcycle that cannot be classified into the L1e type, speed not less than 45 kilometers per hour and motor power not over 11 kW . This type of electric motorcycle can be registered with the Department of Land Transport (DLT) to ride on public road.

The picture below is an example of electricity saving label no. 5; showing the electrical efficiency data.

In test section, test process follows international standards for finding energy consumption rate according to EU standards 134-2014, in the laboratory of Thailand Automotive Institute (TAI) which is ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. The motorcycle will be ridden in laboratory that simulates a real road driving pattern. The riding pattern of L1e is differed from L3e.  L3e requires higher speed and more complex pattern since it will be ridden in public road.

Steps of Testing are as follows
• Run in at least 300 Km (must be done within 7 days prior the date of testing)
• Discharge electric current from battery by riding with speed up to 70+5% of the maximum design speed
• Test by following the driving cycle, type of vehicle as shown below pictures
• Recharge battery
• Calculate for the value of energy efficiency rate by the unit of Wh/km
• End of testing

The electricity saving label no. 5 for electric motorcycle has been in operation since 2019.  The number of electric motorcycles that receives the label has been increased according to the growth of market. Those who are interested in buying a motorcycle with an electricity saving label no.5 can visit the website of label no.5 project ( for more information.

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Source: Automotive Navigator Magazine 

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